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Year of Joining: 1978


Hong Kong (Solicitor Advocate)
England & Wales (Solicitor Advocate)
Victoria, Australia
New York

Accredited Mediator

Jonathan Midgley (Partner, Solicitor Advocate)

"Pre-eminent in the field of criminal defence"

~     Who's Who Legal     ~

Tel: (852) 2391 4441 (During Office Hours)

Fax: (852) 2845 1637

  • Testimonials

    What the legal directories say

    -  from Who’s Who of the Law and Chambers and Partners :

    • “A solicitor advocate with an acknowledged expertise in high-profile criminal matters.  Interviewees find him to be an “extremely professional, very personable, hard-working and intelligent”
    • "Pre-eminent in the field of criminal defence"
    • "One of the most successful criminal lawyers in Hong Kong"
    • "An outstanding criminal solicitor"
    • "Reputed to beHong Kong’s best criminal lawyer – Sometimes better than a barrister"
    • "Known as a lawyer for expatriate white collar crime"
    • "Good at putting teams together"
    • "The first guy to call if the ICAC come knocking on your door ....."
    • "Defended first major commercial case inHong Kong in 1982"
    • "Subsequently involved in the defence of many high profile commercial crime cases – representing many persons facing extradition in either from or to Hong Kong"
    • "Listed and profiled in Euromoney Legal Group Guide to the World’s Leading Litigation Lawyers, Asia Leading Lawyers 1997,AsiaLaw Profiles ’97"  

  • Experience

    Jonathan Midgley is a criminal defense lawyer and Senior Partner at Haldanes. Mr. Midgley has been consistently rated for several decades by independent legal journals as one of Hong Kongs premier criminal defense lawyers. He is highly experienced with both white collar commercial crime cases and a very wide variety of other criminal charges. He is noted in Hong Kong for being the go to lawyer when white collar professionals find themselves in need of an experienced criminal defense lawyer with a deep understanding of the Hong Kong system.

    As a result of Mr. Midgleys standing in the field of criminal defense in 2013, when Hong Kong introduced the concept of Solicitor Advocate for the first time, Mr. Midgley was immediately appointed to the criminal division. This permits him to appear in all criminal courts in Hong Kong with full rights as an advocate. He also has excellent and well established working relationships with leading barristers in Hong Kong and England, and a network of connections worldwide.

    Jonathan is regularly listed in the Legal 500, Who's Who, Chambers and Partners, Criminal Law Experts Directory and other legal dictionaries as a solicitor with extensive advocacy skills and a wealth of experience.

    While Jonathan has been based in Hong Kong since 1978, his practice is international. Who's Who Legal "one of the leaders in extradition law for which he boasts a global reputation.

    Notable Criminal Cases : 

    • R v AW - defending vice ring
    • R v AD – successfully defending the “first” commercial crime case, a complicated corporate dispute, after a long trial
    • R v CH – Attorney General senior lawyer, accused of sex with underage girl
    • R v DM - charged with murder, acquitted
    • R v WM – charged with rape, acquitted
    • R v DC – prominent property developer charged and case dropped on representations being made
    • R v DH –Hong Kongdiamond fair, a diamond swallowed, allegations of theft, acquitted|
    • R v DB – representing champion jockey on race fixing plea
    • R v MSD – a banker accused of “commission” involvement, discharged pre-trial
    • R v CHL and CSL – advising bankers on criminal allegations
    • R v JWLT and YKM - acquittal on robbery and false imprisonment
    • R v KR – acquitted on charge involving immigration matter
    • HKSAR v EL – successfully representing a bank’s CEO on bribery charge
    • HKSAR v CSH – case negotiated
    • HKSAR v LMT – company matters
    • HKSAR v FF – high profile SM sex case, acquitted
    • HKSAR v NW – allegation of forged Will, case dismissed
    • KD – ongoing saga concerning internet issues
    • HKSAR v NT – Banker and bribery, acquitted
    • HKSAR v JF – forged RMB, passed of inHong Kong, acquitted
    • HKSAR v KC – judicial review of Department of Justice issue
    • HKSAR v SY – possession of Gun at airport, mitigation
    • EY – successful representation result in case dropped
    • HKSAR v JH – money laundering mitigation
    • HKSAR v B – money laundering mitigation
    • HKSAR v Sauna – allegation of vice, acquitted
    • Advising lay clients and other in-house solicitor firms regularly on criminal law issues



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